School Anthem

Beauty springs and now we sing,
orur bilingüe’s an aurora,
that offers to us the gift,
knowledge bring to give us honor.

In the Fountain of Bilingüe,
eager students drink to learn,
of the records of the past,
help the ambitions mind to grow.

With instructions one will learn,
about the city and the state,
let them stay within your memory,
to be a guiding ligth.

The Bilingüe will project,
the path of all your life,
go forward Bilinguista,
until you’ve conquered your goals.

Become a worthwhile person,
Colombia hopes the best for you,
that you defend your rights,
And don’t allow yourself to fail. 


Customer service hours

Customer service hours
Monday - Friday
7 AM - 4 PM

Entrega de Certificados
Wednesday and Friday
7AM - 11 AM

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Calle 3 # 19B 105
Valledupar - Cesar Colombia
Phone: (+57) 5 573 38 31
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