Among the principles, Policy and Quality Objectives of the Fundación Colegio Bilingüe de Valledupar its intended that the bilingüista teacher is an innovative educator and researcher, a change agent, who has a passion for teaching and through the development of their talents, wishes to form new leaders in the region and the country.

The Bilingüista Teacher:

  • Must have the decent standards, standing out for their good manners, good personal presentation. Respectful, honest, with sense of service and of belonging to the institution.
  • Is a complete person.  Empathetic, responsible, punctual, committed, tolerant, understanding and solidary; ethical, spiritual and has humanistic principles.
  • They must be a persevering leader in their goals, achievement-oriented, effective communicator with ability to discuss and solve problems.
  • Analytical, critical and creative thinker; facilitator of meaningful, individual and cooperative learning. Concerned about your personal and professional development.
  • Producer of quality, oriented by the capacity for teamwork, apprentice of and for life.
  • Makes every day something new and positive to their advantage, their team, their school and society.
  • Lives happy for the greatness of their dreams, their respect for life, for the truth they profess, the values they conquer and the destiny that they forge.


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